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Science Park 610
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AMS01 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Part of a thriving industrial ecosystem, AMS01 is one of the most connected location. Reach majority of European market and UK with low latency.

This facility is also an ideal entry point for cloud providers. Get direct Layer2 connectivity to other VPSFlare Datacenter locations.

Interconnect within Amsterdam’s digital campus for direct connection to a large choice of cloud providers optimized for security. Our Amsterdam Digital Campus also offers low latency connections to 80 percent of Europe within 50 milliseconds.

  • 24/7 on-premise security staff
  • CCTV and motion detection recorders throughout the building
  • Motion Detection
  • Man-trap entrance with single entry point
  • BMS perimeter intruder alarm and perimeter fence
  • Double-interlocked, pre-action (dry pipe)
Power and Equipment